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Juvenile Crime Defense Cases

Being a youth in today's society is definitely not as simple it was as even just 10 or 20 years ago. Today's youth are exposed to much more and are under a tremendous amount of peer pressure just to "fit in." Every kid does not fit into every "click." Unfortunately this pressure to find a place that makes them feel like they "fit in" sometimes takes good kids down a bad road. Good kids are not immune to making mistakes.

With that being said, when a minor child is alleged to have committed a criminal offense, first and foremost the child's regal rights must be protected. Just as with an adult, minor children have a right to remain silent, they have the right not to incriminate themselves, and have a right to competent legal counsel. At a minimum, minor children should never be interrogated or questioned by law enforcement or other agency attached to a criminal investigation without a parent or legal guardian present. Minor children often do not fully understand the gravity of the situation and how self-incrimination may affect his or her future, no matter how slight or insignificant the details may seem to them.

In most situations, when a minor child is accused and charged with a criminal offense, the case is handled in juvenile court. If the alleged crime is considered significant enough (typically involving violent crimes), the prosecutions office may seek to have the juvenile to face trial as an adult. Although rare, if this occurs the penalties for conviction will be the same as what an adult would receive for a criminal conviction. This may include incarceration in an adult jail or prison facility.

Common juvenile offenses often include, but are not limited to:

  • DUI charges;

  • Underage drinking;

  • Drug related charges;

  • Theft, burglary, or robbery;

  • Sexual assault, date rape, or other sex crimes;

  • Violent offenses.

While your child is innocent until proven guilty, waiving your child's rights, and the failure to hire an experienced juvenile crime defense attorney could result in negative consequences which may have lasting effects for your child's future. When juvenile criminal offenses are of a more serious nature, the experience of your lawyer could make the difference between your child being tried in juvenile court or as an adult.

At Lapina Law, while representing your legal rights we will aggressively fight for your freedoms utilizing every legal resource available under the law in an effort to help you achieve the best possible resolution in the defense of Juvenile Crime charges or other criminal defense charges you may be facing.

If Lapina Law is hired to represent your minor child in a Juvenile Crime case or if he or she is charged as an adult, we will review and analyze all the evidence against your minor child, all witness statements, and ensure you and your child are fully aware of what his or her rights are, including your child's legal options and defense strategies that may best serve your child's specific case. Our priorities, in order include to fight to have the charges dropped, seek to have the charges reduced, negotiate to have probation awarded instead of incarceration in a juvenile facility, or negotiate for a diversion program (when available) that will allow the charges to be expunged after the successful completion of the diversion program.

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